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Hadi Ben Kaçtım / I’m Off, Installation & Publication, 2014
Hadi Ben Kaçtım / I’m Off explores everyday situations and events women try to get away from through the concept of “escape bags”. It tries to imagine all the things a woman could and should carry to evade responsibilities, words, gazes, freedom, and the self. By inviting the audience to participate in the daily act of going through the objects that fill these bags, we hope to collectively ponder if an escape is ever actually possible.
For the publication we wanted to photograph the contents of each bag that we put together and filled, and I suggested the contents of each bag be photographed in the style of still life paintings. I made the images above but the creation of the compositions was a collective effort carried out spontaneously during the photo shoot and "bag-making".
I’m Off was created by 5Harfliler editors Duygu Aytaç, Çağla Özbek, Hazal Halavut, Nigar Hacızade and Suna Kafadar for SPOT Production Fund 2014.